Squeeze De Citron Small Lemon Drop Citron

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Our Lemon Drops effortlessly transcend their role as mere purses, extending their utility to that of a wallet, pouch, clutch, or even a stylish computer case. Embrace the beauty of practical elegance with Lemon Drops, your all-in-one solution for every occasion.The Lemon Drop is made with recycled plastic by our Guatemalan artisans. Pair your lemon drop based on your day by bringing this clutch along for beach outings, boat excursions, swims, rounds of tennis, or golf adventures. For an enchanting evening, our clutch seamlessly transforms into the perfect companion, effortlessly elevating your outfit for dinners, lunches, or brunches. This piece complements a myriad of looks, from casual to upscale. Pair it with laid-back essentials like leggings, sweatpants, or a beachy cover up and bikini ensemble. Alternatively, let it be the finishing touch to a more refined outfit, such as a charming sundress or an elegant skirt. Embrace the beauty of versatility with our clutch, designed to effortlessly enhance your wardrobe.

They are made with 100% recycled plastic thread. It takes between 5 - 10 hours to make one.

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