Las Surenas Tunic PARADISE Print Dress

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This beautiful cotton-linen blend tunic in the Paradise print is the perfect cover-up to spice up your beach day look. The knee-length long-sleeved tunic provides coverage protecting you from the sun while delivering comfort through high-quality breathable fabrics. 

 Las Sureñas. A name inspired by the origin of its creators: Argentina and Uruguay. An idea to create together a clothing brand different from what was found in the market. A brand created for all body types and that lives free from changing trends. The style of Las Sureñas is a unique mix that turns a classic piece into a statement one, and a slow fashion trend into an unmistakable style.

  • Machine wash cold on a gentle/delicate setting. Machine dry on a low-temperature setting.
  • Iron on the reverse side of the fabric.



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