Vilagallo Summer Collage Cotton Scarf

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Bright, bold, beautiful. Vilagallo's Summer Collage block print is an abundance of visual pleasure! Blocked animal prints, botanicals, geometrics all blend in perfect harmony on this lightweight, flowy imported cotton scarf. Ready for summer!


  • 100% Cotton
  • fabricated in Europe
  • Button Tassel corners


Vilagallo, personal style rather than fashion. Vilagallo is a Spanish company with Design Departments in Spain and Italy with all manufacturing performed in Europe. Vilagallo has a vibrant take on classic tailoring. Versatile, elegant and playful. The perfect blend of venerated craftsmanship and fresh youthful design. Each Vilagallo piece is exquisitely fabricated using traditional techniques, while its kaleidoscope of references ensure each piece is a unique and eye-catching statement. Beautiful cuts, luxurious fabrics, colorful prints and loads of details mark each piece in the Vilagallo collection.

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