Lemon Jelly SUNNY Wedge Sandal

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As sweet as the warm breeze, the Sunny will give your looks that cute delicate touch you love to compliment your feminine style. Comfortable women's slides, your companions for any summer day adventure, with flexible and soft insoles, 5cm stable platform heels produced with no animal components.


To keep your Lemon Jelly's looking as new for longer we recommend the following steps: Wipe them gently with a damp soft cloth, keeping away the use of detergents or corrosive cleaning products or solvents. Let your pair dry naturally in the shade to avoid damaging their material, color, and texture. Store your Lemon Jelly's in its original box to protect them from contact with other footwear, avoiding stains or color transfers.

  • Wedge with around 5cm height
  • Wedge slide in EVA, compliant with REACH European health and environmental standards
  • Insole in EVA with 7 mm
  • Brand logo laser engraved on the insole
  • Made in Portugal
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