Gem Water Straws by Crystals for Humanity

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In the healing arts, Amethyst is known as the classic stone of Protection. Drink in the deep, nurturing vibes!

Create your own crystal infused elixir while stylishly helping to curb wasteful single-use plastics. Mix them. Match them. Stack them. Chill them. Collect them all and keep the good vibes flowing. 


  • Straw Dimensions: 7.5” Tall / 6" Diameter
  • Crystal Dimensions: Range from 1.1" - 1.6” in Diameter
  • Designed and assembled in Los Angeles 
  • Custom made, food grade, stainless steel straw with high polish, yellow gold finish
  • Features a one-of-a-kind, hand selected, fairly mined, tumbled crystal charm crafted in Brazil
  • Includes a custom microfiber carry pouch to keep it with you on-the-go
  • Every straw includes its own cleaning brush


All of the stones are cleansed with rose water, sage, and loving intentions. They are fairly mined, hand selected and cut by expert lapidaries in Brazil. Every stone is naturally unique therefore variations in shape, size, and coloration is totally normal. Shape, size, and color of the stones will vary from the photographs shown. Crystal charms range in overall size from about 30mm to 40mm in diameter. 
Your crystal slides on and off your straw for easy cleaning. Wash them both by hand with warm, soapy water using the enclosed cleaning brush.
Always handle with care to avoid chipping your crystal. Always inspect your crystal before use to ensure there are no loose fragments. Always use metal utensils safely and avoid use while in motion.
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