Gem-Water FITNESS Water Bottle by VitaJuwel

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Specially designed for those focused on cultivating health and fitness! Whether you're a yogi, a barre addict, a runner, or just love to hit the gym, hydrating with the Fitness Gem-Water blend is perfect to enhance everything you do to stay healthy!

In the healing arts, this blend of Red Jasper, Magnesite and Clear Quartz helps with energy level, circulation, and oxygen supply to the blood. It also is said to promote physical endurance, detoxify, and distribute energy throughout the body. 

Gemstones have the unique ability to store energy. Each type of gem, by nature, has a unique energetic charge. The gems inside VitaJuwel gem-pods transfer their energy to the water that surrounds the pod improving the water’s vitalization level.

Free your water from plastic! Imagine never being obligated to buy spring water by the bottle again. Now you can do good for your body, and the world.

  • Holds 16.9 fl oz.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lead-free, borosilicate glass
  • Lead-free, hand blown glass GemPod with fair-trade, semi-precious, tumbled gemstones sealed inside
  • Stainless steel cap with BPA-free plastic lining and silicone seal
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